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#Week2 #OpenNtalk- "6 Natural Remedies to Control Seasonal Allergic Symptoms"

As the prime allergy season approaches, many people will suffer from seasonal allergies. And the severity of allergic symptoms, make the normal routine difficult and cumbersome for individuals, who suffer from allergies.

Before sharing the natural ways to control the allergic symptoms (as a physician), I want to share an honest opinion about allergies based on my personal experience. And I am sharing this not as a doctor but as a normal person.

I had a family history of allergy in my family. My mom is asthmatic and I too have nasal and skin allergies during my teenage days. We had tried various pathies to control the severity of allergic symptoms, ranging from traditional to Ayurveda, homeopathic and natural home remedies. And with this long history of family treatment, I could say one thing confidently and sadly too, that

  • ·         Indeed, allergies are one of the most difficult to cure element.
  • ·         It is easier to control the allergic symptoms rather than curing it from the root.
  • ·     As allergies run in the family, there are high chances to get allergic symptoms if you had the family history of it.
  • ·      Also, allergic attacks are often unpredictable and recurrent. And sometimes, allergies may be life-threatening if we do not control the sudden onset of severe symptoms with proper first-aid

Though all these facts seem disappointing but it is not the end of the hope.

Brighter side, there are few things that could give us a sign of relief, when you or your family members suffer from allergic symptoms.

  • ·     First allergic symptoms are completely manageable and with proper precaution and medication, you can perform your routine activities easily.
  • ·         Second and most important thing, based on my personal experience,

“Your life style habits including diet and regular exercise are one of the most predominating factors that help in controlling the severity of allergies and prevent the further attack of allergic symptoms. If we eat right (avoid that food that is allergic to you) and do regular exercise (pranayama is one of the best things that helps in controlling allergic symptoms) always work great to protect your body from allergic attacks.

It is a common occurrence that when our body immunity get lowers and resistance power decreased, our body becomes more prone to get the onset of allergic symptoms. So, it is mandatory to pay enough attention to your diet and exercise routine, if you or your family member is suffering from allergic symptoms.

Here I am sharing some natural ways that can help a lot to control the severity of symptoms of seasonal allergies. All these natural remedies work on “trial and hit” basis (you have to be patient, wait and watch, what works for you?)

 These are:

Local honey

Though there is lack of enough scientific evidence, it is believed that honey might help people to relieve pollen allergies because it contains the small amount of pollen and might help people build up or tolerance to it. Apart from that honey is an excellent anti-inflammatory and antihistamine agent and these properties also help in relieving the severity of symptoms.

What does science say?

In September 2013, a randomized placebo-controlled trial had been done on the effectiveness of honey to control the symptoms of rhinitis over the course of 8 weeks on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The results concluded that honey congestion at a high dose improves the overall and individual symptoms of allergic rhinitis and could serve as a complementary therapy for treating allergic rhinitis.
How to use it?
Consume a teaspoon of raw (preferably organic) honey 3-4 times a day to relieve the allergy symptoms. Keep remember always use it as a "complementary natural product", and never rely only on this to control allergy symptoms.

Beware of using honey as a natural allergy reliever. It may cause the severe allergic reaction in some people, especially if you had a reaction to honey in the past, avoid using it.
As honey is high in fructose, it can cause hyperglycaemia (rise in blood glucose level) and may exacerbate the pre-existing insulin resistance. It may promote weight gain. So if you suffer from diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol, avoids using it.

Apple Cedar vinegar

 It is a great product that loaded with vitamins, minerals, and an amino acid. It has an excellent anti-histaminic effect. It helps break up mucus, improve immunity and supports lymphatic drainage. Organic raw apple cedar is best for our body. It promotes alkalinity and PH balance of the body, which is the one reason why it works great as an allergy reliever.

What does science say?

Apple cider vinegar also contains amazing mother of vinegar which occurs naturally as stand like enzymes of connected protein. These enzymes help in fighting off the infection and bring back the balance to your body. According to Melissa Gallagher (a famous naturopath) "apple cider vinegar is just as effective in treating allergic reaction as over the counter medication like Zyrtec. It helps in treating the cause of your aliments thus it eliminates your symptoms entirely.
How to use it
      Either takes raw apple cedar vinegar 1 tsp 3-4 times a day     Or mix 1 Tbsp. ACV with 1 Tbsp. lemon juice and ½ tbsp. organic honey and drink 3-4 times a day.
You have to be patient while using it. It may take time to working on and showing the results.

Use of probiotic

Probiotics are live microbes that can improve a number of good bacteria in the intestine. While studies in using probiotics are still in the early stage, but it is believed that probiotics may have an important role in the prevention and treatment of allergic rhinitis.

What does science say?

Scientific studies show mixed results regarding the use of probiotics in treating allergic symptoms.  Probiotics may be beneficial in the treatment and prevention of allergic rhinitis but therapeutic effects remain to be further investigated.

In healthy people, probiotics usually have the only minor side effect. However, in people with the underlying health problem, it may cause serious complications occasionally. It is best to take proper medical advice before using it.

Alternative therapies

Use of Neti-Pot it is an ancient Ayurveda tradition that used to treat the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Basically, Neti-pot is a device (like a teapot) used for rinsing the sinuses. The device is filled with a sterile saline solution to flush out the toxins of allergies and irritation.

What does science say?

According to a scientific research done at the University of California (San Diego) showed that nasal irrigation provides a significant improvement in a wide range of allergy symptoms. In this study, more than 200 patients, who used the procedure, experienced a significant improvement in 23 of the 30 nasal symptoms. There was a marked improvement in general health status of patients had been noted?
Usually, the procedure is considered safe but sometimes people can get an infection if they didn't use the device properly. Also, be cautious about the source of water. According to FDA, tap water that is not filtered may contain bacteria and protozoa. These organisms may stay alive in the nasal passage and can cause potentially serious side effects.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese procedure in which trained practitioner stimulate specific point on the body by inserting thin needles into the skin. Initially, it was used only in Asian countries to get rid of chronic pain and other ailments, but nowadays this procedure is gaining an immense popularity in western countries as well.

What does science say?

 According to NIH, a 2015 review concluded that there is high quality randomized controlled trials demonstrate the efficacy of acupuncture in the treatment of seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis. Also, in a review of published trials, researcher concluded that there is some evidence to support the claim that acupuncture is the beneficial and cost-effective treatment for seasonal allergies, however more scientific studies needed to confirm this evaluation.

Though it is a safe procedure and there are fewer chances of complication. In some cases, there are few complications from the use of acupuncture have been reported, that’s why it is recommended to take required precaution and do it under properly trained therapist.

Herbal treatment

Herbs are powerful natural substance that can help to fight against allergies naturally. For getting best results, it is must to use them appropriately and at suggested doses. Here are some of the common herbs that can help in reducing the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.
  • ·         Stinging nettle- used as an antihistamine and anti-inflammatory and helps in reducing the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.
  • ·         Blue burr- it is one of the most powerful herbs that has been used traditionally to treat asthma and bronchitis. It also helps in reducing the secretion of mucus and relieves the symptoms of allergy.
  • ·         Astragalus- it contains 40% polysaccharides and helps in treating the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.
  • ·         Triospora cordifolia- it also has a good anti-histaminic effect.
What does science say?
According to University of Maryland Medical center, using herbs is a time honoured approach to strengthening the body and treating disease. A 2007 evaluation of 6 studies of the herb butterbur done at 720 participants indicated that butter burr may help in relieving the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.
Be cautious before using herbs for treating allergic rhinitis. It may interfere with certain medications and may cause the allergic reaction and unwanted side effects in the sensitive individual. So it is must to take professional medical advice, before starting any herbal treatment.

Lifestyle changes

Apart from all this, it is must to do adopt some lifestyle changes to control the allergy symptoms naturally. These are
  • ·         Stay hydrated; drink at least 8-10 glass of water per day. It will help to keep your mucous membrane hydrated and reduce t
  • ·         Know your allergy triggers. Triggers can vary by region of the country and from person to person. During fall, ragweed and other weed pollens, molds are two main culprits that are responsible for fall allergies. Though it is not always possible, try to eliminate or minimize your exposure to allergens can improve allergy symptoms.
  • ·         Pets can bring pollen; pollen and other allergens can get caught in their fur and contribute to the allergy symptoms, so wash them properly.
  • ·         Eat healthy and balanced diet. Beware of the foods that trigger your allergy symptoms.   And try to eat food that boosts the immune system.
  • ·         Limit exposure on high pollen count days .use protective measures such as wearing a mask if cannot limit your outdoor exposure.
  • ·         Take a quick rinse in the shower before bedtime especially after being outdoors all day will help keep pollen out of your bed.
  • ·         Keep the pollen out of your home by doing simple measures such as replacing carpet areas with hard surface flooring.  Mop or vacuumed your carpet, furniture frequently to keep clear allergens from your home. De-clutter your house to get rid of dust and allergens. Wash clothes and bedding properly to reduce the incidental exposure to allergens.
  • ·         Keep windows and doors closed especially during the days when pollen counts are high.  these are some natural ways that can help a lot to deal with troublesome allergy symptoms.  Did you have tried any other measures to control your allergy symptoms? Please share with us.

·          Seasonal allergies at glance

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#Slinturn3 #Blogbirthdaycelebration- "Me Time" for Mommies- 6 Creative and Easy ways for Moms to Finding Daily "Me Time"

“Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do”- Matt Walsh

Being a mommy life is not easy. We always overloaded with multitude responsibilities and duties. Hectic work schedule, school meetings, social gatherings, personal and professional commitment….a .and list goes on. And as a result, a kind of frenetic tension is a usual occurrence in every household. Stress is an inevitable part of parenting.

Even though a positive stress is good for better work performance and motivates us to deal with challenges and accomplishment of tasks, but for, moms it is never-ending. We always had tons of parental worries. We spend a large percentage of our time in caring for our kids and family.

Being a mother is learning about strengths you did not know you had, and dealing with fears you did not existed”- Linda Wooten

Parenting had lots of expectations. It is believed that a real parent is someone who always puts their child above their own needs and desires. And while doing all these we often forget to take care of own selves and as a result, suffer from stress and anxiety.

Sometimes it becomes absolutely essential to "To take more time for yourself" or "Do the things that you actually want to love to do". giving yourself permission to get slow down and relax for few moments a day, will definitely help is reducing day to day stress and give you a fresh energy in completing all tasks and responsibilities.

I completely believed in the power of "Me Time" and I never miss a chance to carve out some quality time for myself every day. it always feels great and rejuvenated after accomplishing the things that you actually want to do.

And when I had seen the above picture as a picture prompt for Blog birthday celebration, hosted by Zainab from and co-hosted by Geethica from I just loved it.

I had thought this is a great picture to share some creative ideas for carving "Me Time" for Mommies. 

Here I am sharing 5 creative ways to carving more "Me Time" for mommies. hoping you will like it.

Be creative and focus on your hobby

One of the easiest way to carve out some "Me time", is the being creative and spends some quality time alone for your hobby. Whether it is drawing, painting, writing, crafting  and dancing or reading 
….do whatever you want to do always feel refreshing and rejuvenating.

When we engaged in any form of creative activities, we had a state of complete mental involvement and this thing works like a meditation. It has a great potential to reduce stress and can alleviate the burden of various psychosomatic disorders. So mom, bring back those creative juices in your life once again and enjoy the harmony of life with peace and happiness.

Penning down your emotions

Sometimes we felt abandoned and isolated because of failures in life. Sometimes we felt a pressurised daily routine because of tons of responsibilities. Penning down your random thoughts is the easiest way to express your heart’s elation. And the good part is that when we write down what is bothering us, it makes us feel relaxed and we often get a solution of existing problem. It is similar to have a kind of heart to heart conversation with our dear one. So whenever you feel tense or frustrated try to pen down your thoughts, definitely, this is another option to have some quality "Me time" for yourself.

Talk to your family and friends

Nowadays, we live in a high tech world. A virtual world, where we know a person who is mile away from us (through internet) but we did not have any neighbourhood connection. Communication gap is the main cause of stress among family members. It is the root cause of several mental and psychological issues like Depression, sleeplessness, anxiety disorders. Constructive communication with family and friends is a great stress reliever.  discuss your problem with your friends and family, try to clear all misunderstandings, make an open heart conversation with your family and friend is the most successful strategy to combat your stress and anxiety.

Go for a nature walk

Nature is the creation of god. Scientific studies suggested that nature has a sort of healing properties, it relieves tension, anxiety and reduces blood pressure, eases the muscle tension. Taking in the sights and sounds of nature improve mood and relieve the anxiety. As a mom, we have to deal with repeatedly tasks and we often need a break. A short break as a nature walk even in your backyard had a significant psychological benefits. Nature is a positive distraction, which make us calm and happier. 

Eat healthy and exercise regularly

During every day hectic life, we often get more focused on our jobs and responsibilities and involuntarily ignored our health. And this ignorance causes a wreaking havoc on our physical and mental fitness. It may cause nutritional deficiencies, muscle pain, weakness of the immune system, even a state of chronic stress that is very harmful and make our body to vulnerable to other systemic infections.  pre-plan your daily routine and schedule some time for proper healthy eating and exercise is the best way to spend some "Me time" too. it has so many mental and physical advantages for overall health and well-being.

Scientific studies suggested that exercise produces endorphins (good neurochemical) that help in building stamina and mood lifting. Even 5 minutes of aerobic exercise provides excellent health benefits. And nutritious healthy diet helps in strengthening our immune system and makes our body strong enough to deal with stress.

Moms, these were my ideas for de-stressing and taking out some "Me Time" for mommies. What are yours? Which strategies you liked most? Please share with us.

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#Week1 #OpenNtalk- "Seasonal allergies- Causes and Symptoms"

Finally, the wait is over and it is the time to get started with #OpenNtalk, blog league series, hosted by and gleefulblogger. This is a challenge for the teams of bloggers, who are divided into 8 teams. There are around 40 bloggers from different states, cities and genre who are competing for winning this league.

I am so excited to be a part of this blogging league. And I am hoping to put my best foot forward to winning this awesome blogging league.

I am a part of Team 5, and my team caption is Surbhi from  and other members of the team are

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Our team hashtag is #Roarwillrock, and yes! We all are ready to roar and ready to rock this series.
And thanks a lot to Surbhi for introducing me.

Of course, this series is about to write better and perform great as a team, and we all want to do that with our best efforts.
Another side, I want to utilize this chance to share something useful and informative too, with my readers and co-bloggers friends.

Being a holistic physician (homeopathy is my speciality) and I always believe that natural substance has amazing healing power and we can use these substances to facilitate natural cure.  Using natural substance for curing different aliments has so many advantages for overall health. They cure disease gently and free from side effects too.

As a health, lifestyle blogger, I always love to share the amazing healing power of natural substances and alternative methods of healing.

For this blogging league, I am keeping “Natural cure is Magical” as a theme, will try to share some useful information about curing different disease aliments with the help of Natural Substances.
For the first post, I am writing about seasonal allergies.

Allergies are one of the most common distressing aliment for so many people and it affects a larger number of the population each year. And sadly, there is no permanent cure for treating allergies.

 What is a seasonal allergy? What are the causes? What are the predominant symptoms?  What is the limitation of conventional treatment to treat the seasonal allergies? And how can we treat allergic symptoms with the help of natural substance?  Read on to know more.

What is a seasonal allergy?

Seasonal allergies like other allergies develop when the body's immune system becomes sensitized and overreacts to something in the environment that typically causes no problems in most people. People with seasonal allergies (also called hay fever or allergic rhinitis) react to pollen from plants. Grass, pollen, and mold are the most common triggers of seasonal allergies.  

Causes of seasonal allergies

According to American Academy of Allergy and Immunology, our immune system controls how our body defends itself. If you have an allergy to a specific substance, the immune system identifies that substance as an allergen, then our immune system overreacted by producing antibodies called immunoglobulin E. these antibodies travel to cells that release chemical and causing an allergic reaction.

Factors that cause seasonal allergies

There are mainly two factors that play a major in the development of seasonal allergies. These are:
  • ·         Genetic factors
  • ·         Environmental factor

 Genetic factor means genetic background in terms of a family history of the atopic disease has been the strongest factor for the development of allergic symptoms.

Environmental factors such as increased air pollution changed lifestyle and a decrease in bacterial/viral infection are frequently quoted as adjuvant factors for allergic sensitization and possible cause of increased prevalence.

Who is at risk for developing seasonal allergies?

According to centre for disease control and prevention, anyone may have or develop an allergy- from a baby born with an allergy to cow milk to a senior citizen who develops hives after taking any new medication. It is true that allergies cannot generally be prevented but the allergic reaction can be.

Underlying causes of seasonal allergies

There are certain underlying medical conditions such as asthma, unmanaged stress, deviated nasal septum, nasal polyps, recent trauma or illness, pregnancy and even food allergies can increase your risk for developing the seasonal allergy. These conditions affect your immune system functioning and make you more prone to developing the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Seasonal allergy symptoms

Though seasonal allergy symptoms range from mild to severe. And also depend on the affected system of the body. It could be prominent respiratory or skin symptoms. The most common symptoms include:

Nasal symptoms such as
·         Nasal congestion
·         Sneezing
·         Running nose
·         Stuffy nose
·         Postnasal drainage
·         Loss of smell

Eyes symptoms such as
·         Puffy eyes
·         Itchiness, redness in eyes or watery eyes
·         Respiratory symptoms
·         Difficult breathing or wheezing
·         Coughing
·         Scratchy throat

Ear symptoms such as
·         Pain in ear
·         Ear infection or tickling in the ears
·         Skin symptoms such as hives or eczema

General symptoms such as
·         Fatigue'
·         Body ache
·         Headache
·         Loss of appetite
·         Irritability
·         Mood swing

Limitation of conventional treatment

Though there are verities of symptomatic treatment options are available to control the symptoms of seasonal allergies ranging from antihistamines to decongestant and steroid. These medicines relief the allergy symptoms by blocking or reducing histamine productions, but these drugs had their own limitations. They often cause unwanted side effects, such as drowsiness, dizziness, dry mouth, restlessness, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision and confusion. Also, these medicines did not cure the allergies; they just relieve the symptom temporary and did not work on the root cause of disease. While it is crucial to use conventional medicines during emergency situations, but other than that there are some natural ways are available to control the severity of annoying allergic symptoms. What are these natural ways? How can we use these remedies at home? Read on the second part of article "6 Natural ways to treat seasonal allergies" to know more about this.

·          WebMD

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#Blogtrain- "How to Plan a Creative and Stress free Summer Vacation for Kids!"

Finally after a long wait summer is here.  And we as a family are really excited to welcome the summer with great energy, good mood and enthusiasm. Of course, summer is a perfect time to have fun and enjoy outdoor activities.  Another side, it is also a good time to follow your hobby and discover new passion too.

As a responsible and caring parent, we all want that our kids had a great summer vacation and most of us usually plan ahead to have a good vacation too.

I am also one of them. And of course, I want my kids had a creative, enjoyable experience during summer vacation.

But, before sharing my ideas for a creative summer vacation, I want to share something more important with you.

It is my eternal feeling and I am sure most of you will resonate with me.

“I believe nowadays kids are having really different (and difficult too) childhood period.  Kids are facing lots of pressure from parents and society from such an early age".

If I share my childhood experience, I would say

I grew up as a suburban kid in 1980s 90s in a small town in India. And I can say one thing proudly that I had enjoyed a really great childhood with free-range parenting from my parents. I had good learning, education, ethical and moral values with less stress and so much fun during my childhood days.

I had never seen my parents as stressed as I had while raising my girls.

Now the time has changed and so many other things too. Technology becomes the unavoidable aspect of childhood. Kids always had the tremendous amount of academic and extracurricular pressure from parents and surrounding society.

They never get enough time and space to explore the things in their own ways.

In fact, they often did not get enough time for free play or just enjoy the nature and outdoor.
We are raising the kids in a culture where it is assumed that we could and should protect our kids from all the things.

Even summer vacations too negatively affected by all these preconceived notions. And during this time too, kids are not free from social and parental pressure.

As a conscious and competitive parent (who always wants to run ahead in parental rat race) we always plan a heavy schedule for so many activities for kids and put a constant pressure on them to learn and perform.

With this scenario, sometimes it felt that Morden world has lost the essence of pure childhood.
So during this summer vacation, I am trying to make a promise to myself (and hoping you all would agree with me), that

  • ·         I will try to avoid being a part of parental rate race and I will not compare my girls with other kids.
  • ·         I will try to make sure that my girls had enough fun during summer vacation and enjoy this great time with good mood and positivity. I will try to give them proper time and enough space to explore the things in their own way.
  • ·         Rather than putting a long to-do list of task, I will try to explore the individual genius of my girls. It could be anything (painting, singing, and writing). I will put my all efforts on focusing what they love and what they want to learn.

So, with this resolution, I am sharing some useful tips that will definitely help you to plan a creative summer vacation for kids.

Talk to your child and take a mutual consent before planning anything

Yes! The first and most important thing, it is very essential to talk with your kids before planning anything. Ask them about what are their expectations for summer vacation? And what they actually want, learn or explore during these days. With this positive communication, you will get a lot of help to plan ahead according to their choice and preference.

Make a summer bucket list

I always love the idea of making “Bucket list” and my girls loved it too. Be creative and innovative, and add best possible activities (both indoor and outdoor), in your summer bucket list. This thing will help is keeping the excitement alive and rememorized you, that you had lots of funny and creative things to do in this summer vacation.

This summer my girls want to make a scrapbook, want to go for a hiking and want to enjoy so many awesome movies. And I am so excited to help them for completing their summer bucket list.

Use an activity planner

Planner work always great when we had lots of stuff to do. And for summer, it is always great to list down your desired activities in a planner. Keep remember one thing, planners should be flexible and avoid putting too much pressure on your kids, to complete the task or activity.

Also, keeping a theme for a particular week is a good idea to stay organized during summer vacation. This thing helps you to learn the thing properly and with complete satisfaction.

Mixed and match creative and fun activity

This is another important aspect, to plan the things. It is very important to mix and match creative and fun activities. Kids should have fun while learning.  And this is a unique way to entertain kids.

Rather than focus on end result, enjoy the whole experience and learning

Sometimes when we get started with any creative activity or any project, we tend to get more conscious about the end results. With kids, it is more important that they have an enjoyable learning experience and fun. So, try to make each activity is an awesome memorable experience for the family.

Enjoy nature and explore outdoor

Last but not the least; spend some quality family time with your kids, in Mother Nature. Explore the outdoor world is one of the best things that should be done during summer vacation.

So, these are some of my ideas to plan a creative and stress-free summer vacation for kids. What your thoughts? How are you planning for summer vacation? Share with us.

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#acryliccosmeticorganizer- My Honest Product Review

Being a mom life is not easy. We always had tons of duties and responsibilities.  Definitely managing household chores, kid’s responsibilities and then pursuing your own job or business is not an easy task. For completing them, we all need to wear so many hats in a single day.

Despite these duties and responsibilities, we all want that our all kinds of stuff remain organized and on the place. It sounds amazing but it can be overwhelming to keep everything in order. And very often we all struggled with these time to time. And the same thing has happened to me.

It was around a few time ago when I had started my blogging journey with an immense satisfaction and spark of creativity in my everyday life. It was quite satisfying that I had been working from home, without disturbing my parental or household responsibilities. Another side, this “work from home” had offered me, its own challenge too. Sometimes I had the hardest time to manage all the responsibilities (household, parental and my own work) together.

In fact, it was really hard to keep everything organized and on the place with the pressure of these multiple responsibilities.

It was quite upsetting for me, that my drawers are overflowing and my products scattered throughout the home.

Especially there is one area, that was pretty difficult to organize- and that was my cosmetics. I have a lot of it and I was not sure how to organize it.

 Being a mom of two cute daughters (who always love to apply and (play???) with makeup) managing my makeup products becomes the hardest job for me. It was a common scenario for me that my girls disorganized my makeup items and I have to waste my precious morning time to just search for these routine kinds of stuff.

After a period of frustration, I had thought instead of getting angry, I should try to find the better way to organize my makeup essentials. I was searching a good quality make up organizer so desperately. And finally, my search comes to an end, with this great product.

I had seen this awesome acrylic organizer here , while searching online and bought this product to resolve my disorganizing issues.

And when I had received this product, I was quite satisfied with its look and quality.

Cool Features of this product

 Here are some cool features of this product.

  • As this product help you a lot in organizing make up essentials, it will change your entire routine. You will keep your items in a safe and fixed place and make it easy to find, whenever you need it.
  • It is made up of acrylic material so it is easy to clean. You can easily keep it clean with normal water and soap solution.
  • It has a separate compartment for each cosmetic, so they fit perfectly and as it is made up of clear acrylic, you can see everything at a glance.
  • It is handy; you can move it easily from your dressing table to bathroom counter.
  • It is small in size and great in functionality, so it saves your space too.
  • It helps in keeping things organized, so it saves out time too, for getting ready especially during morning hectic hours or when you are in rush to going outside and had little time to get ready.

So as a conclusion I will say,

“If you are in a search of a lightweight, attractive and functional make up organizer, to organize your make up products and every day makes up essentials, then this is a good product and you can give it a try”. Ultimately it will make your life easier when you go to put your make up, it helps you find what you need quickly and without frustration.

Things to keep in mind while buying it

  • Take your time and have the patience to decide what type of organizer is right for you. If you had lots of cosmetics including lipsticks and nail polish, you may need a big size organizer.
  • Do a proper research before buying it.
  • This makeup organizer is small in size, so if you had lots of makeup essentials, think twice before buying it. It has good space to organize nail polish and lipsticks but had less space for putting creams, lotions or other makeup tools.
  • As I am using this product for less than 1 month, I am not sure about how durable it is?

Here is the link if want to know more about this product. #acryliccosmeticorganizer


I had received this product in exchange for review from giveaway service at a discounted rate. And all the expressed opinion is mine. 

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#Mother's day contest- Mixed Emotions of My Motherhood journey

Being a mom is a gift that is unimaginably precious. It is a love that never ends; it is a relationship that never dies. Nothing else can produce the true joy and satisfaction that motherhood allows. It is a journey that made us happy every day. Being a mom and enjoying the sweet tiny moments of motherhood is a dream of every woman.
Of course, it is a life-altering experience. It shows us wide spectrum of emotions in a single day. It is true that,

“When you are a mother you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice. One for herself and one for her child”- Sophia Loren

For me, it has been an amazing journey so far. I am fortunate enough that I had gotten this golden opportunity twice in my life. Being a mom of two cute dolls I feel my selves the luckiest person in the world. I had a beautiful life that always filled with some ordinary, some extraordinary, some crazy and some mad moments. I love to celebrate the divine spirit of motherhood every day. Of course, we all love the warmth of being a mom and we all love to enjoy this hilarious journey. But the glimpse of real life is the messier and more complicated than the assumption.

 Being a mom, every morning I love to wake up my dolls. I love to see their little faces and feet every morning.  Their giggles and laughter filled my house with a great positive energy instantly. I absolutely enjoy their hugs and kisses. I love to cook healthy breakfast for them, and then get them ready for the school; Morning Prayer and weaving a goodbye….I love each and every moment. I want to teach them all good things that I had learnt from my mother. I tried my hardest to teach them about love, compassion and honesty. I want to make them a strong and confident individual. They beat of my heart and the energy of my soul. Yes! It is true that every morning I fall in love with them all over again and again.

 But, being a mom, there are days, when I am tired of the monotony. Sometimes there are days when I just do not feel like doing anything. I just do not want to get from the bed. Indeed, I want to sleep for hours uninterruptedly until my body wakes up by themselves. During these days I felt that waking up my dolls is the most daunting task in the world. Because I know they would not listen to me easily. It will take 20-30 minute to just make them wake up. Their morning tantrums driving me crazy.  And then again the same sequence of routine tasks (breakfast, get them ready…) make me feel made. I felt a sense of stagnation and boredom in life.

Oh! You may think I am a pessimist and a low-spirited person. But it is not true. I still love the feeling of being a mom each day. Seeing my kids happy is one of the best feelings in the world for me. When my little dolls get bored, I love to gather all craft supplies and create beautiful crafts with them. I adore each moment when we read a book together, go for a walk, snuggle with them in bed. 

These sweet tiny moments filled my heart with an undefined pleasure immensely.  I want to preserve these great moments for future as a precious memory. Because I know that, very soon they will be grown up, get married and will have their own lives. And I realised the grim realities of the empty nest. I know, one day they wouldn’t need me anymore.  I will be alone and will miss every single moment of their childhood. So I do not want to miss these delightful moments and love to celebrate the spirit of motherhood every day. I just love the feeling of being a mom.

But some days, I am over exhausted as a being a mom.  I get up and just go through the mommy motions even really finding any joy and creativity.  I feel irritated when they do not listen to me. I shout on them when they do not finish their food properly. I get angry when I finished a clean-up and they messed up again within few minutes. I feel mad when I heard “we are getting bored” sentence 100 times in a day.  And then I just want to run away from these never-ending tasks and pressuring responsibilities. I just want only me and my time.

But very soon I realised that realised that motherhood is a precious gift of God.  It is one of the most treasured blessings in my life. I suddenly had a realisation that yes! Motherhood is hardest….but is greatest too. It is the glorious life force. And there are so many women who want to be a mom but they cannot. And I get to fall in love with my job all over again. And enjoy the amazing feeling of being a mom.

 Of course, as a mom, it feels great when my daughters won awards and appreciation in school. I experience a great sense of joy in volunteering in all school activities. It seems that their all crafts and projects are mine and I want to make the best with my all efforts. I love to cook ten different dishes in a single day, when they show food tantrums. I watch all kids show and rhyme videos with absolute pleasure. I like to shop for them and want to buy most elegant clothing for them. I want to make them “prettiest princess” in the world.

But it is true that sometimes, I feel very depressed that I had left my carrier only for my family. Sometimes, I miss my individuality. I missed my job. Sometimes, I want to shop only for me (that rarely happens). I want to cook only those dishes which I love (I did not remember the last moment when I had done that), I want to watch only my favourite shows and movies (usually, I did not get a chance to touch the remote)

Last but not the least I missed my mom so much, especially after being a mom. Now, I can realise that how much she loved me? How she has sacrificed her all desires only for us? I missed each moment of her love and care. And along with this, I missed my life as a daughter who always shows tantrums on smallest things but had an amazing mom who always loves me.

So yes! I feel fortunate to have a wonderful family. And I enjoy each moment of my life as a daughter, mother, sister, and a wife. I love to celebrate the spirit of motherhood every day. Definitely, it is an absolute pleasure and the most amazing feeling that is the most extreme measure of being alive. I really love everything about “being a mom”.  But it is also true that I also want to celebrate a life of an individual too. I want some quality time for my selves every day. I love to cultivate a purpose in my life that is uniquely my own. I want to be able to do things which I want to do. I get to contribute to the world by any mean. I always want to feel better about my selves with a positivity of “self-identity”.

You may think I am a “Selfish mom” but it was an honest confession of me. What is yours? Do you also get the powerful mix of emotions every day? Please with us.

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