Wednesday, July 11, 2018

#Coming soon- New blog, New Hope, Inspiration

I am nervously excited to write this post.

Though I am writing continuously since last 3 years as a writer and a blogger on my personal blog and on different websites.

Still, while writing this post, 
  • My heartbeat is so fast,
  • My fingers are trembling
  • In fact, I am not getting proper words to express my thoughts and eternal feelings.

And here is the reason,
This is my last post on this blog.

And with this blog post, I want to share the wide spectrum of emotions with you all...
  • I am excited
  • I am nervous
  • I am feeling nostalgic

I cannot believe it, that this is the last post that I am sharing on this platform…and after that I am going to start a new journey...

Indeed, it will be just not a beginning of a new blog for me.

It is much more than that,

It will be a new hope, new inspiration and a new sense of responsibility for me.

And before moving to a new blog, I want to share some of my nostalgic experiences, blog memories with you all.

Also, want to share more about the new blog and its uniqueness.

It is around 3 years ago, when we moved from India to the USA, and here the internet (and google) became my best friend. I had gotten the chance to read a few parenting blogs and one day, I had asked my brother about it. 
And he has said, “It is so easy didi, in fact, you can create your own blog too. And google offer blogger as a free platform for beginners to share their thoughts for beginners".

As I had an immense interest in writing since childhood, I got so inspired and started my blog on blogger, to share my parenting journey with other moms. At that moment, it was just like a hobby and I was just trying to share my ideas and experience about parenting with others. I had written some post with perfect imperfection (I mean, at that time I was not properly aware about any aspect of blogging)

Still, I got a very good response from close friends and family members.

Their positive response has encouraged me and I had started taken it more seriously.

I had watched various YouTube tutorials and read blog posts to learn other aspects of blogging.
As a next step, I had stared guest blogging and got a chance to share my thoughts on various reputed parenting and health website platforms.

Indian mom connects, mycity4kids, kidstoppress, Parentous, Today’s parenting were the some initial platforms that had given me a great opportunity and I had written for them with good success. And I am so thankful to editor and team of these platforms, who had given me this great opportunity during my early days of writing carrier.

After some time, I had stared to write as a health content writer, being a qualified homeopathic therapist; it was one of the most satisfying experiences for me, when I had shared my areas of expertise with my writing skill.

Cure joy, Elephant Journal, Organic lifestyle magazine, was some amazing platforms, where I had written as a health expert and got a really great response from readers and editors.

During these days, I wouldn’t be able to give a proper attention to my own blog and my writing journey is growing only as a content writer not as a parenting and lifestyle blogger.

And because of this I was feeling somewhere dissatisfied with my writing journey.

I was trying to re-invent my blog with some source of inspiration.

Very soon, I got the chance to shine creatively…when I had participated in “Write tribe- Problogger Challenge”. With this challenge, I got a sort of re-entry in the actual blogging world.
  • I had made so many good and talented blogging friends.
  • I had learnt the importance of regular writing and posting the articles.
  • I had learnt the other aspects of blogging too.

And for this, I am really grateful to write tribe team, Corrine Rodrigues and all other awesome co-bloggers.

It was just the beginning, after this writing challenge, I had participated in Blog chatter projects, SuperBloggerchallenege, A2Zchallenge and many more…

And with each challenge and each blog post, I had learnt a lot. I got a really good response from the blogging community, co-bloggers and other readers.

In fact ,so many times, I had received a common advice from my blogger friends and close family friends, that

“You are doing really hard work for your writing. Why do not you move to self-hosting blog?”

Though I knew the basic concept of self-hosting blog, and I always had a sense of apprehension about it.

I always felt that

It is such a big step and it will bring a deep responsibility on me as a blogger and as a writer.
After pouring so much of thoughts, and doing a deep analysis up to 6 months... (Yes. I had taken that much of time to take this decision)

Finally, I had decided. All right, I am doing it.

I am moving to a new land to build a new home.

Yes! This is really that kind of experience. And I am all set to creating a new chapter in my blogging journey.

Again, I want to say a thank you from bottom of my heart to all friends, readers, co-bloggers, editors, who had supported me a lot during this journey. I am so grateful to my parents, husband, and brother for always encouraging me for my efforts.

It is just because of their support that I am taking another big step with higher expectation and bigger dreams.

I am hoping to get the same support from all of you again, to make this new blog successful.

What is the theme of this new blog? What am I sharing new and different with this? Stay tuned to know more!

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  1. You’re journey is amazing and just reading about it has taught me where I’m going wrong with my own blog . Thanks for sharing and good luck with your new blog .

  2. Surbhi I am so happy you have taken this step. I am excited to connect with you.

  3. That's a much awaited step, Surbhi. I've been relatively new to the blogosphere & I'm glad I found you. Looking forward to your blogs.

  4. How exciting, Surbhi. All the best. I'm sure you will shine in your new space.

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