Sunday, March 5, 2017

My Salute to this Brave girl...A 17 Year old Girl Cuts the penis Of Rapist...

We lived in an unpredictable world. Everyday stories of varied crimes (terrorist attack, murders, robberies, assaults, thefts) make us anxious and insecure with a sense of fear and anxiety. And as the nation’s crime rate is continuing to climb sharply in the case of some crimes, put us in a situation of frustration and helplessness.

Among all these crimes “Rape” is one of the most disgusting crime, and unfortunately severely under-reported crime with showing dark figures of up to 91.6%.  A united state nation report shows more than 250,000 cases of rape or attempted rape were recorded by police annually. The report data covers 65 countries.

Apart from this data punishment for rape is different in different countries. And as usual, it takes time. Yearlong running cases, corruption, and false evidence always provide an opportunity to a rapist to escape from their assaults. And as a normal people, we always had a sense of guilt inside our heart. We just sympathise for a victim and her family for a moment and then get back to our normal routine life. But most of the time we wished that the rapist should get an instant and most intolerable punishment.

Here the exact thing happened. It was a routine weekend and I was surfing the internet, and suddenly this news has driven my attention instantly. The incidence of  ,A 17 year old girl cuts the penis of rapist during rape attempts has started a new chapter in the history of rapist punishment.
This incidence took place last evening when the girl had gone to relieve herself at a jungle in in choli area. The girl has snatched the knife from the accused raees when he attempts to force himself on her. She has attacked his private parts with it.

Police said that they have registered a case against the man after a complaint by the girl. The villagers arrived at the spot after hearing his cries and admitted him to a hospital, where his condition is stated to be serious.

Unfortunately, media is not supporting it as an incidence of bravery because of some political pressure, but as a woman and a normal citizen make us feel appreciate for this little girl, who shows an incredible courage and bravery for her fight.

Apart from laws and punishments, “Preventing sexual assaults” is one of the most important but ignored the aspect of our society. We always talk about self-defence tools for girls, but how seriously they are executing in our country, we do not know exactly. Indeed, the government should start a mandatory self-defense course in the school curriculum for safety and well-being of our girls.
What, how and when it will happen? We cannot say, but this time this girl has set a unique example of self-defence by doing the rarest thing. She has done what she can do. I salute her courage and bravery, what you say? Please share!

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