Thursday, April 19, 2018

#week 10 #Superbloggerchallenge2018 with Instacuppa- "5 Awesome Reasons Why Should you Participate in Superbloggerchallenge2019"

It is week 10

Oh! I am feeling so nostalgic...

Time just passed with a flying speed and we are just at the end of #Superbloggerchallenge2018
What to say, about this 10 week of the journey. I remember it was just a few weeks ago, when I had seen an Insta post by Dr. Amrita about this challenge, and just signed up with an immense curiosity and nervousness. I had no idea at that time, what will be the challenge exactly? Would I be able to survive 10 weeks or would I be able to perform each week with same consistency and excitement?

And finally the moment came and challenge got started. Since the first week (with the first newsletter by Dr. Amrita), I get an idea that it is really well-organized challenge and I will learn a lot with it. And yes! The same thing happens too in upcoming weeks.

And with each week, something new and exciting got happened…

Initially, during the first and second week, it was just about the writing the post and follow the directions and homework from the newsletter, but after that when we Superbloggerchallengers become a part of part of amazing super blogger challenge community. The excitement reached another level. Whether it is,

Every week, waiting for the linky to get open and excitement to submit your post first,
 And then comment on each other’s blog or

Waiting for “hall of fame” and excitement on writing on each week’s brand new prompts or

 Thrilling twitter chat activities and wish to get higher votes for each post

Or just doing a simple chit-chat in what’s group.

Each moment and every experience was just so awesome. It is a feeling that cannot be described in the words.

Indeed, it is really hard to sum up this journey and this incredible experience in few words or in a blog post.

Still, I would love to conclude this awesome journey with an uplifting message for all aspiring bloggers, who want to move ahead and learn more about the finer aspect of the creative world of blogging.

So, in this last post, I am sharing 5 reasons, why every blogger should participate in Superbloggerchallenge (in upcoming seasons)

You will learn a lot every day about each fine aspect of blogging

Yes! This is the first and most important reasons; nowadays blogging is become just like a passion or hobby of every second person. And it is good that people are so keen to share their thoughts, opinion and way of living with others with the help of digital world.

Another side the same thing creates a huge competition in the blogging world, and it becomes really hard to stand out among this huge crowd and get your voice heard by people... And here the Superbloggerchallenge and their amazing hosts play a great role. If you participate in this challenge, every week you will get the very informative newsletter (and adult homework too)...with this guidance you will learn a lot about each fine aspect of blogging such as how to monetize your blog, how to use social media effectively and how to grow your blog step by step. It is a kind of getting an exclusive blogging class from the comfort of your home.

Also, if you get any issue about anything, you can freely ask to hosts either by mail or by discussing in special super blogger what’s group, and you will get an amazing guidance for all your queries.

You will get an amazing guidance of awesome hosts

As I had said earlier, this challenge is not just about the write or publishing your post, this is about getting an exclusive guidance too. And here is the team of great 3 hosts that are always ready to make your path easier and with their audience, you will learn a lot every day. My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Amrita from from, Dr. Bushra from, and UK from

Also big thanks to our sponsored Instacuppa for organizing and supporting this challenge.
So if you are feeling lonely and struggling with any aspect of blogging, join this challenge. You will get a great guidance and direction to solve any blogging issue.

You will get an amazing support of the co-bloggers community

The third and another important reason, get a support of amazing blogging community. Sometimes being a writer, life becomes so lonely and isolated. We all want to support and help from each other. And the same thing you will get here without any effort. You can learn a lot from each other’s experience; can help each other to giving honest feedback. I had made so many great blogging friends during this journey and I want to say special thanks to Mann, vartika, jay, rashi, Ms Arora, ghazala naseem, shipra Trivedi, and many more to always being so supportive and caring.

SBC will enhance your creativity, writing abilities and other blogging skills

Yes! This is another prominent reason, blogging is a creative field. And if you want to succeed, a creative quotient always help you to design your blog, or write more creatively.  With the journey of Superbloggerchallenge, this thing happens automatically. Each week, when we visit lots of blog, read and observed the hard work of other talented and creative bloggers, this experience automatically enhances your creativity and other blogging skills.

You will have loads of fun and ultimately become a better blogger

Last but not the least; with this awesome journey, you will gain a lot. And you will have loads of fun!

Also, this learning is just the beginning …Superblogger academy has much more to offer to you. If you sign for Super blogger academy, you would be able to get access to in depth tutorials on all other aspects of blogging. So just go ahead and grab your spot. I am sure you will not get any disappointment.

So these are key points of my experience with Superbloggerchallenge2018, what is your experience? please share with us!

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Sharing my thoughts and experience about Superbloggerchallenge 2018, as an audio too (on Soundcloud)


  1. Thank you. It has been a pleasure seeing you all grow. stay blessed, stay un touch.


  2. Aw thankyou Surbhi for special mention😘. Indeed, it has been an awesome experience for all of us. Loved every bit of it.

  3. wonderful to see this post.. and you've inspired me to try soundcloud too for this audio prompt :)

  4. I had never heard of the super blogger challenge until now. I will definitely look into it for next year.

  5. Yes, we all have learnt a lot from this challenge. A proper guidance always leads to path of success. I will sure participate next year.

  6. Great post Surbhi, indeed it has been a wonderful journey with all you guys, thanks for the special mention, means a lot. Stay in touch #Superbloggerchallenge #Instacuppa

  7. Yes it has been a wonderful 10 week long journey . Hope the friendship continues and we keep learning from each other #superbloggerchallenge2018

  8. Looks like you had super fun participating in the Super blogger challenge. Challenges like these are always good to interact with a lot of bloggers and to blog consistently.

  9. Yes, it's been such a super fun learning journey. The hosts, fellow bloggers... It was indeed a wholesome experience of evolution.

    Pls read my week10 post for #superbloggerchallenge2018 #instacuppa

  10. I have never participates in SBC but gave gave other writing challenges .it is definitely challenging but it improves you as a writer .the siacipdisctakea your writing to a different level

  11. Great job on consistently writing for the past 10 weeks... Not easy especially for us busy moms! Keep up the good work.

    Jamie Chaw