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#Week 6 #Superbloggerchallenger2018 with Instacuppa-" All You Wanted to Know About The Homeopathy"

You might have already heard about the homeopathy as a gentle, free from side effect and an alternative way of treatment, but did you know nowadays, homoeopathy is so well trusted. More than 300 million patients in over 80 nations are using it. It has been recognised as a “Second largest therapeutic system of the world”, by World Health Organisation.

Homeopathy is an alternative branch of medical science is gaining a huge popularity among people and emerging as an effective mode of treatment.  It was developed in Germany more than 200 years ago.  Homeopathy was invented by the Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and now it is practised throughout the world.

Homeopathic treatments are “individualized” and it is not uncommon for different people with the same condition to receive different treatments. It stimulates body’s natural healing power and brings an ideal, gentle and permanent cure. There are three basic Homeopathic principles,

  • ·      Law of similar means a substance that is capable of producing morbid symptoms in a healthy person will cure the similar symptoms in disease person.
  • ·         Law of simplex means one single remedy should be prescribed for a patient at any given time.
  • ·    Law of minimum dose means, lower the dose of medication, the greater its effectiveness. According to this law the more diluted the homeopathic preparation, the more powerfully it works. homeopathy has a holistic approach to care and looks beyond the labels of diseases to cure their causes rather than merely their symptoms.

Being a certified homeopathic physician, many people asked me various questions regarding the efficacy of homeopathy. Does homeopathy really work? What are the pros and cons of homeopathy? And what are the things one should keep in mind while taking homeopathic treatment?

If you also have the same questions and want to find out more about homeopathic medicine and its efficacy, this article will answer some of the questions you may have.

How does Homeopathy work?

According to homeopathic principle all living things have an integrated force that maintains and direct the life, it is called a “vital force”. (In simple words, it is our immunity or resistance power) of body. When vital force attacked by external stimuli (such as bacteria, virus, fungi or other organism), in first instance, vital force tries to regain its balance and preserve the health. But when the power of external forces gets stronger, our vital force gets deranged and we become sick and unwell, and our body produces symptoms.

In conventional mode of treatment symptoms are considered as a disease and medicines are prescribed to control (or remove) the symptoms, to make a person disease free, while in homeopathy symptoms are considered only as an outer manifestation or by product of deeply deranged vital force and administered remedy work on to heal the deranged vital force. According to homeopathic principle, disappearance of symptoms may not be an indication of cure especially when health is considered holistically.

Basic Homeopathic case-taking and theory of individualization

Homeopathy firmly believe in the principle of “Individualization”, according to this theory, each individual is differs in its genetic and functional characters, so that their disease too. And that is the reason no two individuals suffering from the same disease can prescribed the same medicine. In homeopathy, it is very important to examine each case individually and collect the totality of symptoms.

The same thing implies during homeopathic case-taking.  Homoeopathic case taking is a time-consuming process, in which a qualified homeopathic therapist collects all the symptoms of patient that includes his physical attributes, intelligence level, physical general (thirst, appetite, sleep, dream) mental general (anger, sadness)etc.  After a proper collection and evaluation, he matches the symptoms with the most similar remedy (with the help of homeopathic Materia medica and repertory), and then the most similimum and an individual remedy is prescribed. This similar medicine acts as a stimulus to the natural vital response, giving it the encouragements it needs to complete its healing works in each case to obtain the ideal cure.

Like all other pathies, homeopathy has its own pros and cons, sharing the both things to get an overview about the homeopathic treatment.

Pros of Homeopathic treatment

  • ·         Homeopathic medicines are safe, gentle, and non-toxic and usually had no adverse side effects. When these medicines used as directed they are completely safe for every one- including pregnant, nursing women and infants. They are given in such small doses and usually there is less chances of side effects.
  • ·    Homeopathic medicines come from a range of natural substances which can be either plant, mineral or animal based. And these natural substances make it safe and gentle to use.  These ingredients available in medicine enable the body to heal the problems naturally.
  •    Homeopathy Cures a disease from the root and gives long lasting to permanent cure.   Homeopathy treats a patient on both physical and psychological level and helps in curing a disease from root instead of just treating the symptoms.
  •     Homoeopathic medicines are administered in the form of the tiny sweet globule. Every one accept it very well, even they loved it.
  •     Homeopathic medicines increase immunity and resistance power. When an indicated homoeopathic medicine is administered it acts on the vital force of the body and makes it stronger and enables the body to heal itself.
  •       Homeopathic medicines are believed to be safe when used with other medicines. Although homoeopathic remedies should not replace conventional treatment for serious health concerns, but they can be used as an alternative option.
  •      Last but not the least homoeopathic remedies are typically inexpensive and radially available. Therefore, they provide an affordable approach to healing.  

Cons of homeopathic treatment

  • ·         There is lack of enough scientific evidence to support homeopathy as an effective treatment for any specific disease condition. In fact, several key concepts of homoeopathy are inconsistent with fundamental concepts of chemistry and physics. This thing creates so many significant challenges in carrying out the clinical research and efficacy of homeopathic remedies.
  • ·         Homeopathic treatments are completely individualized and there is no uniform prescribing standard for physicians to treating any disease condition. In the same way, there is no surety of getting positive results in each case.
  • ·         In some case it may take a long time to work and course of treatment can last for a long time. You have to be patient while taking this treatment.
  • ·         We cannot rely on homeopathy medicines for treating a serious, emergency situations or surgical cases. It could be dangerous and life threatening.

Things to keep in mind while taking homeopathic treatment

  • ·         As I had said earlier, be patient and do not expect an immediate cure with homeopathic treatment. 
  • ·         Always find a well-trained and a qualified homeopathic physician, you may suffer from adverse effects with homeopathic treatment if the physician is not well trained and qualified.
  • ·         Be mentally prepared before homeopathic case taking, and try to answer all the questions as accurate as possible. The better information from your side will help the physician to prescribe better and you would be able to get good result sooner.
  • ·         Always follow all the directions given by your doctor regarding dose, repetition of medicine and dietary restriction too.
 As a parent and as a physician I had always observed good results with homeopathic treatment.  Do you have an experience with the homoeopathic treatment? Do not forget to share with us, in the comment box. Until then eat healthy and live well.

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Theme Reveal #A to Z Blogging Challenge 2018- It Would be Surprising and Inspiring too!

April is just around the corner and this month will bring a great excitement and enthusiasm to the blogging world. Yes! This is the month of “A to Z Blogging Challenge”, hosted by Blog chatter. I am a big fan of Blog chatter community. Blog chatter is an excellent blogging community that always helps, guide and inspire bloggers to do better and achieve their dreams.

It was not a long ago, when I had joined Blog chatter community, I had participated in #Blogchatterprojects, and since last few months I am trying to attending all the awesome blog chatter weekly activities such as weekly Wednesday twitter chat, Friday Facebook live etc. and I could say confidently that it is one of the best experience of blogging journey. And now, it is the time of Blogchatter A to Z Challenge.“

“A to Z Blogging Challenge is an exciting, thrilling blogging challenge where we bloggers will write a post every day except Sunday, from A to Z alphabet. Though it would be my first participation, but I am aware that participating in this challenge will have numerous benefits. Such as,

  • You get in the flow of writing consistently
  • You would be able to make more blogging friends
  • You will get a constant guidance of awesome Blogchatter community and they will always guide you to write better.

So, I am getting geared up, and keeping the fingers crossed that I would be able to complete this exciting blogging challenge.

It is highly recommended to pick a theme for your “A to Blogging challenge”, and because it is my first participation, I am trying to put my best foot forward. (Actually, the theme is a bit of under construction and I want to keep it surprise too...)

But I can make you a promise, that it would be exciting, inspiring and something out of the box.

So, be prepared “Exciting things are going to happen come April. Stick around for more! 

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#Superbloggerchallenge2018 with Instacuppa- Why Everyone Should Try Instacuppa Products? (Second entry for #Week4)

Instacuppais the latest craze in health and wellness industry, these products are so good and can help a lot to stay healthy and hydrated especially with a busy and hectic lifestyle. sharing few important reasons why everyone should try these awesome Instacuppa products, and this time sharing my views through an audio, at SoundCloud. please share your thoughts about the same in below comment box

You can buy these products by clicking the links below,

Instacuppa green tea/detox infuser bottle

Instacuppa thermosteel bottle

Instacuppa fruit infuser water bottle

Here is an interesting video to understand the basics of Instacuppa products,

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#Week 5 #Superbloggerchallenge2018 with Instacuppa- "Garbh Sanskar During Pregnancy and its Amazing Benefits"

Hinduism is an Indian Dharma or a way of life, widely practiced in South Asia. It has been called the oldest religion in the world. It contains the broad range of philosophies and linked by various recognisable rituals. Garbh Sanskar is one of them. It is an ancient practice that can be traced back to ancient scriptures and included in the Vedas. It is a sort of prenatal education that helps in the physical, mental and spiritual development of an unborn child.

 What is the meaning of Garbh Sanskar?

Garbh Sanskar is a Sanskrit term that has been derived from two words. Garbh means the foetus in the womb and Sankar mean education. In simple words it means, educating the foetus in the womb. In Hinduism, it has been believed that "A child's mental and behavioural development get started as soon as he is conceived. His personality begins to take shape in the womb and this can be influenced by the mother's state of mind during pregnancy".

 During pregnancy, we can shape up our child's first impression by doing positive things such as by listening good music, reading good books and with the help of positive thinking.  Garbh sanskar is a set of practise that helps in achieving the same goal.

History of Garbh Sanskar

There are various well-known mythological stories has been associated with the performing Garbh Sanskar during pregnancy. Among them, "The story of Abhimanyu" is most popular. It has been believed that Abhimanyu, the son of Arjun learned how to enter the Chakravyuha (strategic arrangement of a worrier to entrap and defeat the enemy), when he was in his mother's womb. He had heard and remembered the narration and technique by Lord Krishna to Subhadra during her pregnancy. And unfortunately he had not learnt how to escape from the Chakravyuha and that was the reason, he was killed during the war.

The science behind Garbh Sanskar

Physician, biologist and other scientist also agree that conception marks the beginning of the life of a human being that involves a series of changes up to the birth of the child. There is scientific evidence that proves that a baby in the womb can respond to the outside stimulus and has the ability to listen.

 Early experiences prenatally during birth and in the first year of life have a lifelong effect on health and happiness of the child. These experiences can affect the child in both positive and negative ways. Scientific research shows that babies can experience their parent's intention and communication; even they do not understand the words. If a mother has a higher level of stress, fear or anxiety during pregnancy, it can cause a negative pressure on baby's nervous system and negatively affect his sleep, communication, eating even motor and cognitive development.

That's why it is very crucial that a pregnant mother should have a positive mindset and good mood during pregnancy and Garbh sanskar is the process that helps in achieving the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social development within the mother and unborn child.

How is the Garbh Sanskar performed?

There are many ways of educating an unborn child and facilitate the proper growth and development in a foetus. Some of the popular ways are mentioned below.

Talk to your child
You can talk to your child and make a positive communication when he or she is in the womb.

Positive thinking
It is always advisable for pregnant women to think positive and avoid excessive worrying and negative thoughts. Negative thoughts may cause a toll on the physical, mental and emotional state of pregnant women. Always think positive and try to retain a happy atmosphere around you, is useful for the health and personality development of an unborn child.

Reading good books
Reading good books that have a positive feeling and inspiring thoughts also helps in the spiritual development of the child.

Listening good music
Listening music not only soothes the mother, it is good for baby as well. It helps in removing the fear, anxiety and other negative feelings during pregnancy.

Yoga has various great advantages during pregnancy. It minimises the discomfort and complications faced during pregnancy. It improves the circulation of blood, which really helps in dealing with different functional changes occurring in the body.

Benefits of Garbh Sanskar

Garbh Vidhya or Garbh Sanskar is not only helping in educating the unborn child, it has a great impact on the health of the mother as well. The positive thinking and attitude promotes the physical well-being of an expectant mother and forms a strong mother-child relationship. By practising Garbh sanskar,

  • ·         Baby will have better sleeping and breastfeeding habits
  • ·         They are more alert and confident
  • ·         More active at birth
  • ·         They bond with parents better

Did you have ever heard about the ""Garbh Sanskar"? What was your experience? Please share with us!


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#Week4 #SuperbloggerChallenge2018 with Instacuppa- "5 Surefire Ways Instacuppa will Change your life!"

It was just a few days ago when we (me and my husband) had an interesting discussion at home. We were talking about the “including more healthy ingredients in our diet”, and being a physician and a fitness freak, I was telling him that,

  •  “We should try to add more fruits and vegetable into our routine diet.
  • Also, we should try to add more natural, healthy and nutritious drinks (and beverages) in our everyday life.

And he has said, “I felt, healthy food and natural drinks are always boring and tasteless, I get easily bored with healthy food.”

Yes! It is true that most of the people (like my husband) often attribute such question mark words (tasteless and boring) to nutritious foods.  And eating or drinking health food, healthy beverages regularly seems like an impossible task for many of us.

During this discussion, I want to cut those misconceived ties that are usually associated with the healthy and nutritious foods. I was trying to convince him, that learning how to eat healthy doesn’t have to be the most boring thing you have ever done.

He was also in the mood to win the debate, and he has said, “Could you give me an example or method that can make healthy food tasty and interesting?”

And I was ready to give a perfect and reverent answer to this question.

Actually, here the knowledge from Superbloggerchallenge 2018 came into the action, and I said excitedly, “Yes, you know, nowadays we had a latest wide range of products  that can make our job of “eating  and drinking healthy” much more easier,

Yes! I was talking about the “Instacuppa products”, which had a mission to help anyone drink healthy natural beverages anywhere!

With this initial introduction, his curiosity got raised, and he has asked so many questions about the Instacuppa, such as how these products have launched? What are the unique features of these products? And how can it improve our lifestyle and eating habits? etc.

And I had answered his all quarries so patiently, (I do not want to lose this debate at any cost)

So, sharing same things in detail here, and hoping these things may help others.

How the Instacuppa has born?

We lived in an incredibly busy world and always had multiple responsibilities to handle. The hectic lifestyle, junk food and high calorie, unhealthy drinks cause a toll on our health.  And the same thing has happened with the saran. He has a similar story that most of us can relate easily.

As he says, “After graduation, I was lucky enough to land a well-paid job at a software company. However, the long work hours and constant stress made me consume the incredible amount of soft drinks and coffee. Unfortunately, I started to gain weight, age faster and saw my health deteriorate”.

That was the turning point of my life.

 I had realised I need to work on this, I had decided to cut back on sugar and liquid calorie and the results were amazing. I felt stronger, healthier and more focused than ever. The basic trick of this change was,

“Consume healthy, nutritional and natural drinks”, but how can you really achieve that.
Of course, buying fruits, vegetables and a blender could be a solution but there must be a better way, I thought to myself

 With this thought, the actual inspiration was got struck.

He concluded that “my dream was to help everyone make nutritional, mouth-watering and focus boosting recipes anywhere with zero hassles. That’s why I scoured the nation to find out the best manufactures and materials”

With this great thoughtful initiative, Instacuppa was born.

And this thought and the same standard they had maintained during manufacturing of these products too.

Instacuppa products have some unique features that make them these products truly special.

Unique features of Instacuppa products

  • All Instacuppa products are manufactured with great attention to detail and are imported to India.
  • They had tried to minimize the use of plastic and used the healthy alternative instead of like bamboo or glass etc.
  • They had a goal to offer us most ergonomic, 100% BPA free, lightweight and lightweight durable products that help in boosting our stamina and turbo-charge our well-being.

There is the wide range of Instacuppa products are available, that can make our life easier and healthier.

Range of products

Instacuppa green tea/ detox infuser bottle

here is the link to buy it.

Instacuppa thermostable bottle

  here, is the link to buy it.

Instacuppa fruit infuser water bottle
here, is the link to buy it.

 They also had some more great products at their store, such as,
  • Instacuppa cold brew coffee maker
  • Instacuppa French Press Coffee Maker
  • Instacuppa premium milk frother handheld
  • Instacuppa stainless steel tea infuser

As a conclusion, I would love to share 5 Sure-fire ways, Instacuppa will change your life.

It will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle (and help in adding more fruits and vegetables in your diet)

We all want to lead a healthy lifestyle and we all know it is always beneficial to add more fruits and vegetables to our routine diet. But it is not always as easy as sound. During routine hectic life Schedule most of us often struggled with it, and here the Instacuppa products play a great role. With the help of these products (especially with Instacuppa fruit infuser), we can add more fruits and vegetables to our routine diet.

It will save our time

The second important thing, it makes our life easier by saving the time.  If you are on a healthy kick but did have enough time, these products can make this thing possible.  Insatcuppa products are hassle free and we can make nutritional, mouth-watering and focus boosting recipes anywhere, with these products, in a limited span of time.

It helps in the detoxification process

Detoxification is a process of removal of toxins from the body and our body needs detoxification from time to time. Detox drinks are most popular and easiest way to do that detoxification process.  With the help of Instacuppa product (Instacuppa green tea/detox infuser bottle) we can make lots of healthy, natural and detox drinks easily and can get all the advantages of detoxification process that includes improving digestion, liver function, good skin health, weight loss and improved overall well-being.

You will have a peace of mind

These products had exceptional quality and they had made up of more natural material, and also free from BPO. These things always give you a peace of mind that you are using safest and natural product.

You will get a collection of free e recipe books that have excellent information

Along with these other benefits, you will get an awesome collection of digital ebooks with Instacuppa products. These books had a great collection of nutritional recipes and you can make these recipes to get the advantage.

So, these are the views about these latest awesome products. I would say these products are boon for the latest hectic Morden lifestyle and can help a lot to people who want to drink healthy and want to lead a healthy lifestyle. What are your thoughts? Did you have tried any of these products? Please share your experience with us!

Here is a good video by Instacuppa, to learn some basics


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#Week 3 #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 with Instacuppa "Here is Why Visiting Niagara Fall is My Favorite Travel Memory

It was 3 years ago when we moved from India to the USA. During these 3 years of the time period, we had visited lots of great places (New York, Washington D.Sc. Boston, Los Angeles etc.) however, Niagara fall was one of those bucket-list places, which we did not get chance to visit, to explore!

I always had a dream of seeing this world famous tourist spot and nature’s wonder.Luckily, during last summer when my parents came to the USA; we were thrilled to meet them again, after an extended period of separation.  And we had planned our long-awaited “first Niagara fall tour” along with them, with great enthusiasm.

 I could say confidently that visiting Niagara fall is one of my most favourite travel memories.
I would love to share some important things and tips about this greatest tourist spot as a part of week #3 of #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 (as a response to given prompt #Favourite travel memories)

History of Niagara fall

Niagara fall is a city on the Niagara River, in the New York state.  It is a collective name for three waterfalls which straddle the international border between the Canadian province Ontario and the American state of New York. It is famed for its beauty and as a valuable source of hydroelectric power. 

Niagara fall is America’s oldest state park that is expanded in the area of 400 acres of beautiful landscape. The falls are 17 miles north-northwest of Buffalo, New York, and 75 miles south, southeast of Toronto, between the twin cities of Niagara Falls, Ontario and Niagara Falls, New York.

When to visit?

Summer is the best and ideal time to visit and explore the Niagara fall. Especially between the months of June to August, visiting in summer months allows you to take full advantage of beautiful weather and awesome attractions.  So many people visited this awesome spot during fall, spring and winter too. Fall is open year around for viewing the attractions. However, some of the attractions are seasonal and remains open until November only.


There are various ways to get from Columbus to Niagara Falls. Either by bus, car, train or plane. And you can choose any option according to your preference.  The Driving distance between Dublin (Dublin is nearby town to Columbus and we stay here) and Niagara fall is 346.09 miles and it takes around 5 hours and 20 minutes by car.

We had planned our visit in the first week of June with a rental car, with good mood and great enthusiasm. It was like dream come true for us. We had done lots of pre-preparation before travel, such as research activities at our destination, book the hotel, prepare some homemade food and snacks etc. (will share more information about this in next section)

Top visiting tourist attractions of Niagara fall

  • There are plenty of things to do in the Niagara fall. Such as,
  • Maid of Mist
  • Cave of wind
  • Niagara Glen Nature reserve
  • Journey behind the falls
  • Niagara sky wheel
  • Sky lone tower
  • Old Fort Niagara
  • Max theatre
  • Butterfly Conservatory
  • Niagara aquarium

Personally, I would say, “Among these all awesome spots, waterfalls are the main attraction of Niagara Falls and there is the range of ways to explore it. You can see it from their foot on the awesome maid of mist boat tours, from behind in caves of wind (by accessible elevator), or sky hovering in the helicopter.

As we had 2 days 1-night stay tour, we had visited these spots.

Maid of Mist

Maid of mist is one of the most famous and awesome tourist spots of Niagara fall. It is a boat tour of Niagara fall that starts from the calm part of the Niagara River near the rainbow bridge, take its passenger to America’s Bridal Veil Falls. The tour starts and returns on the USA side of the river. We had loads of fun during this tour. Nature’s beauty and awesomeness is at their highest point during this tour.

Cave of wind

Cave of wind is a natural cave behind the Bridal Veil Falls (at the Niagara Falls). It is also one of the most famous and must visit spot. Here is an elevator that takes people from the area between American and Canadian falls down, the level of the Niagara River at the base of the American falls.
There is a series of the redwood platform that allows visitor to go up at the base of bridal veil falls and enjoy the experience of water crushing down right on them.

When we went to see the beauty of fall from this point, we were amazed to see that how close we get to the falls and loved being able to witness the powerful rush of water up so close.

Journey behind the falls

It was the third point that we had explored! It is a point where you shall be able to stand directly behind the sheet of water. An elevator takes you down to a tunnel system to view the falls and learn facts and history about them. This spot is pretty chilly and you need to take extra care while visiting it.

During the first day, we had visited these 3 awesome spots during daytime and after having lunch and a short nap, we went to Max theatre. Max theatre is another great spot to visit, especially if you want to learn the facts and history of the origin of Niagara Falls.

Max theatre

Max theatre plays an awesome movie on an enormous screen that explains the history and origin of Niagara fall so wonderfully. We had a great time while watching this movie.

At night, we had seen a spectacular display of fireworks over Niagara Falls. Fireworks performances are weather permitting and may be cancelled due to poor weather conditions like high wind or rain. Watching the fireworks display was an unforgettable experience and we had a great fun while watching this spectacular Niagara fall firework show.

Next day, we had visited the Aquarium of Niagara

Aquarium of Niagara

It is a great spot for kids; it offers plenty of sea animals such as sea lion, penguin, and etc. kids had enjoyed a lot and we had clicked some cool pictures here.

Travel tips for visiting Niagara Falls

For making your visit smooth, here I am sharing some handy tips.
  • Check the weather- as I had mentioned earlier, it is very important to check the weather forecast, before travel to avoid any end moment problem.
  • Book an adventure pass before your visit. There are various packages available online and you could choose any one according to your preference.
  • Shortlisted your activities and visiting spots before the visit.
  • Make some handmade food and snacks for travel
  • Do a proper research about where to stay? And where to dine?

Luckily, there are lots of Indians in Niagara Falls, and you can get good Indian food and accommodation here, at the affordable rate.

So, we had loads of fun during these 2 days of a short trip. And I would love to go again and again there to recreate this magic. I cannot explain the joy and happiness in words that we had experienced during this tour. I just say as a conclusion “it was my best #Travel memory”.

What were your favourite travel memories? Did you have visited this awesome place? What was your experience? Please share with us!


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#SuperBloggerChallenge2018 With #Instacuppa, #Week 2 "Traditional Sambar Recipe With a Twist"

Yey! Its week 2 of #SueprBlogggerChallenge 2018, and I am so glad and excited to be a part of this great journey.

As for week#2, the prompt is, “A Traditional recipe with a twist”, I am sharing one of my favourite dish South Indian Vegetable stew or sambhar recipe with a super easy and interesting twist.
South Indian vegetable stew or sambhar is a great side dish to pair with breakfast or main meal. This recipe calls for lots of vegetables like eggplant, pumpkin, bottle gourd and drumstick. You may add or remove vegetables as per your liking and taste. Each vegetable lends a different flavour and taste.
Here, I am sharing the recipe that we used at home. It is easy, tasty and nutritious.


  • ·         1/3 cup pigeon pea lentil
  • ·         1 cup mixed vegetable (pumpkin, bottle guard, drumstick, okra etc.)
  • ·         1 medium onion finely chopped
  • ·         1 tomato finely chopped
  • ·         5-6 curry leaves, 1 -2 dry red chillies, and ½ teaspoon mustard (for seasoning)
  • ·         ½ teaspoon asafoetida
  • ·         1 teaspoon red chilli powder, ½ teaspoon turmeric powder, 1 Teaspoon coriander powder (you may add these dry spices as per your taste)
  • ·         1 tablespoon Sambhar powder (it is a mixture of spices such as coriander, black pepper, etc. that is radially available in Indian grocery market. You can also make it at home, here is the recipe)
  • ·         Salt according to taste
  • ·         1 tablespoon oil
  • ·         Water 1-2 cup
  • ·         Finely chopped coriander leaves for garnishing
  • ·         Twist ingredient: 1 cup Buttermilk


  • ·         First, take pigeon pea lentil and mixed vegetables in the separate vessel and washed them properly and drain the excess water.
  • ·         Now, pressure cooks the pigeon pea lentil and mixed vegetable in a pressure cooker for 15- 20 minutes or until they turn tender (3-4 whistle is perfect). I prefer to cook vegetables along with pigeon pea lentil in a pressure cooker. However, you can also cook them in a vessel over the low medium flame until they turn tender.
  • ·         Let it cool down after few minutes open the lid and mash the lentil and mixed vegetables with the help of a spatula or hand blender
  • ·         Heat the oil in a pan over medium flame
  • ·         Add curry leaves, dry red chillies, and mustard seeds and allow them to crackle
  • ·         Add asafoetida powder
  • ·         Add chopped onion, sauté them until they turn golden brown
  • ·         Now, Add tomato and mixed all dry spices (red chilli powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder) and sambhar powder with some water. Mixed all spices well, and sauté it for few minutes
  • ·         Add mixed and mashed mixed vegetables
  • ·         Then add 1 cup of buttermilk to mixture slowly and stir continuously, adding of buttermilk will give a creamy texture and consistency to your sambhar. After few minutes, add mashed lentil
  • ·         Add salt and 1-2 cup water; boil it for another 5-7 minutes
  • ·         Turn off the flame; your south Indian vegetable stew is ready to serve. Garnish it with fresh coriander leaves.
  • ·         It is a tasty as well as a healthy dish that tastes best when served hot.

What is great about this twist?

Buttermilk is a highly nutritious ingredient, it is rich in minerals and vitamin. By adding buttermilk, we can increase the nutritional value of traditional sambhar. Another side, adding buttermilk gives a smooth and creamy texture to your routine Sambhar, which tastes so good and yummy.
So, it was my attempt to do an interesting twist to the traditional sambhar recipe, and I am hoping you would like it. Did you have tried any twist to any traditional recipe? What was your experience? Please share with us!


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